Online Database by Caspio

NOTE: The data is collected by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, which only requires salary and benefit information for teachers and administrators employed by the district, so teachers and administrators working as contractors and employees in other positions are sometimes listed with no salary or benefit amount.


Salary is the projected base salary as of the date districts submitted data to DPI, typically in November. It does not include additional pay for coaching or other extra-curricular activities. NOTE: For employees with multiple listings, the total salary is listed with each record; it is not a pro-rated amount based on the FTE % (see definition below) of that position.

Benefits is the projected total benefits at the time data was submitted, including health insurance, retirement, life insurance, Social Security and other categories, which for some employees includes worker's compensation insurance or college credit reimbursement.

Local experience is the amount of time the employee has spent in his or her current district.

Total experience is the amount of time the employee has worked at any educational entity, public or private.

FTE % is the full-time equivalent status of that position. Many employees are listed several times due to having multiple titles, and the percentage of time spent in each position is in the FTE field.