The Post-Crescent nails Gov. Walker on vouchers

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The Appleton Post-Crescent Editorial Board recently slammed Gov. Scott Walker’s voucher plans — the edited version Daily Herald Media ran is here; the (much!) longer P-C version is here. I basically agree with the piece though I have my quibbles. But on this point, it seems to me they have the governor absolutely dead to rights:

Walker’s plan goes against what he said about voucher school expansion in December.

In an interview with Post-Crescent Media, Walker was asked, after he spoke of the “distractions” of issues raised by some legislators, “Is the voucher school issue a distraction or part of your education transformation?”

He replied, “I’ll have a discussion about it but I think there’s some pretty intense feelings on that, so I’m going to be mindful of that. I think it’s at least worth having a discussion about. If we did anything on that, it would have to be with tremendous public support in a given area we’re looking at.

There is no “tremendous public support” for voucher schools in any of the districts that are facing programs. And Walker opposes a proposal by Sen. Mike Ellis, R-Neenah, to require a referendum vote in a district before vouchers can be expanded there.

Seems pretty cut and dried. There is zero evidence of “tremendous public support” in the cities the budget would expand the program to, which include Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison (Madison!) and Superior.

Someone should ask the governor why he’s changed his view.

P.S. I have a column coming tomorrow about school vouchers. Will post a link and some backfill materials here.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to my column.

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