Racing pigeons of renown

If you missed it during the weekend, here is my column about a Schofield man’s interest in racing pigeons:

In one loft, Mader breeds the birds that have retired from racing. Those birds were fat and happy. It is breeding season. Some were sitting on eggs; some were tending to babies who had recently hatched.

In the other loft were the athletes.

“Comparing a wild, city pigeon to a racing pigeon is like comparing a thoroughbred racehorse to a plow horse,” Mader said. The birds in his loft are slender and sleek. They have blue eyes, thick wattle over their beaks. They’re smart and at least somewhat tame.

And they can find their way home from 300 miles away.

And here is the video, which I think is a lot of fun:

Here’s something that I couldn’t fit into the story. It’s a flier Mader sent to me; I find it amusing and fascinating. Profiles of pigeons of renown Captain Lederman, Jungle Joe, Blackie Halligan and Burma Queen:

Flyer – Army Pigeons by

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