I saw some cool art in Wausau this week

The Woodson Art Museum’s new origami exhibit, “Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami,” is really neat and worth seeing. I went this week and snapped a few photos.

Here’s a group of elementary students on a museum tour looking at an origami-inspired fashion:

Here’s a funny little winged mouse-rabbit creature:

This one, by artist Joel Cooper, is called “Cyrus”:

This one is called “Sails” and is by Jeannine Mosely:

The one below is part of the Woodson’s downstairs exhibit, “Calvin Nicholls: Paper Sculpture by Design,” which the museum characterizes this way:

A Canadian paper sculptor who utilizes only X-ACTO® knives, toothpicks dabbed in glue, and paper, Calvin Nicholls creates complex three-dimensional artwork from limited materials.


Across town, UWMC has an exhibit by Madison artist Suzanne Torres that I found interesting that is largely a group of artfully arranged piles of what looks like egg carton cardboard.


Here’s the artist’s statement:

My current sculptural work and research is represented through symbolic objects that conjure the past into the present. I am interested in the transience of nature and also humankind, and aim to create pieces that reflect a temporal quality. Using materials of primary nature: clay, cement, jute and paper wrapped and layered over an armature or suspended in mid air provide an invocation of the past and a notion of wonder. I imagine their appearance in a not-so-distant future, a relic from a time when certain objects or elements of nature still existed.

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