How hypocritical is Vicki McKenna?

How terrible is Vicki McKenna?

This terrible:
mckenna tweet

You know 80 people died in that train crash. Something like 10 dozen more were injured. An American woman from Virginia died; five other Americans injured.

What kind of person learns about a horrific train crash and thinks, “How can I use this to score a totally unconvincing, peripheral partisan point?” Who does that?

Vicki McKenna does.

To be honest I don’t even actually object to “politicizing tragedy” as such, or at least, I don’t object that much. You follow politics, you tend to want to talk about politics, and pretty much everything has some sort of political dimension.

So I guess what I’m objecting to is that the politicization here is so sloppy and dumb. What happened is she read the word “Talgo” and thought, hey, I’ve heard of that company. I don’t like them! They’re bad!

This feels a bit beneath us here, but just for the record the crash had nothing to do with the manufacturer and everything to do with an apparently psychopathically reckless conductor.

But honestly the point is almost too dumb to rebut. Never mind. Forget I said anything. Let’s just take a brief moment to hold this tweet up for ridicule and move on with our lives.

P.S. Oh, by the way, one more thing. Here here is Vicki McKenna piously objecting to using a tragedy to press a political advantage:
Mckenna 2

And look here she is again:
Mckenna 3

Because it is just so, so wrong to politicize a tragedy.

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