Anonymous letter: Dear Wisconsin Rapids, don’t be such jerks to fast-food workers

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We don’t publish anonymous letters to the editor for plenty of good reasons. But what is a blog for if not irresponsible flouting of journalistic conventions? And there is some real feeling behind this unsigned letter that came through this week. I find it sort of funny and sort of not, and I share it here for your consideration:

Dear People of Wisconsin Rapids,

You people disappoint me. We as citizens of our town have many selections of fast food to choose from in our town. When you go there you have had a long day from work and didn’t want to make your children a home cooked meal so you pick one of these local restaurants. You go in and order your food, when you get it you notice something wrong with it and take it up to the counter.

Now this is the point where you choose how to act in the situation. Do you a) choose to address the issue in a calm matter, have your food replaced and you can go on with your night, or b) act like a complete jerk and shout and yell at the person working the front counter, when most likely they aren’t the ones that screwed up your order?

Being someone who worked at a local fast food place for two years, I experienced this a lot. I have been called stupid and dumb, told I should learn basic math along with other things I won’t mention here.

Why do you feel you have the right to act like this? Most of us are high school kids who go to work after school. Many nights I was brought to tears because of the hurtful things I have been told at work. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Hopefully, when your children have jobs, you will understand because your children will be the one under stress and crying.

Wisconsin Rapids

P.S. I know basic math because If I didn’t I wouldn’t be going to a great four-year college and getting the education you never had.

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