Updated: No, Oshkosh, there is (NOT hope for) a KFC after all

Readers have plenty of questions for Streetwise, but one item has held the top spot for most popular question for years now:

When is Oshkosh going to get a KFC?

For the first time since KFC looked at a spot on Ninth Avenue a few years back, we have what appears to be a solid indicator that the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices may be within our grasp soon.

Streetwise has been told a property near one of the busier frontage road intersections (but not on Koeller or Washburn) had been sold recently with the intent of developing a KFC there. We won’t say exactly where yet because city assessor records have not been updated to indicate the site had been sold.

The property owner was not available to confirm or deny the sale for us, but knowing the way you KFC fanatics have lusted for the franchise’s return, Streetwise wanted to get word out that there appears to be some movement on the project.

Or so we thought. Forgive Streetwise for getting your hopes up because it turns out the plans we heard about a week ago have not come to fruition.

Maintain hope, KFC junkies!

About Jeff Bollier

Jeff Bollier is an award-winning public affairs reporter for the Oshkosh Northwestern who covers everything from city hall to business. As Streetwise, Jeff delivers updates on the comings and goings of Oshkosh's retail and business world. Jeff is an avid Instagram and Twitter user and a member of the Northwestern Bacon Team.
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