We’re getting another Kwik Trip

Apparently Kwik Trip’s six locations in Oshkosh aren’t enough.

Tuesday’s Oshkosh Plan Commission agenda includes a land division and conditional use permit request from the La Crosse-based convenience store chain to rebuild at the corner of North Washburn Street and Westowne Avenue, in the shadow of the Highway 41/21 interchange.

The city staff report indicates the store will use about 2.7 acres to develop a 5,500-square-foot convenience store and a 2,800-square-foot car wash. Entrances are planned for the north side of the lot onto Washburn Street and at the Westowne/Washburn intersection. That entrance/exit will require Kwik Trip to pay for the purchase and installation of traffic signals that will serve the store.

Streetwise may crack wise about the number of stores KT has developed here in town, but it’s not hard to see their strategy in all of this, too. They’ve got a store on the north side (Jackson Street), a store on the south side (20th and Oregon), a store on the west side (Witzel/Westhaven) and three at key highway exits.

Based on the timing, Streetwise would guess this project gets finished sometime this fall.

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