South Koeller sidewalk construction begins May 20

Think fast: How wide is the sidewalk along South Koeller Street?

Ha! Trick question. There are no sidewalks on South Koeller Street, much to the chagrin of pedestrians and cyclists.

Well, there is no sidewalk on South Koeller right now. But that will change Monday when the city of Oshkosh starts construction on a sidewalk from Witzel Avenue south to Seventh Avenue. It’s expected to take about six weeks for crews to adjust and install storm sewers and inlets, fill the ditch line, grade the terrain and install the concrete sidewalk topside.

During that time, the right northbound lane of Koeller may be closed periodically so stay alert and be ready for the changes.

Such a small segment may seem like a sidewalk to and from nowhere right now, but hopefully future segments will connect into it, making it safer for pedestrians to get around the frontage road area. And having shot video a few feet from Koeller Street, Streetwise can attest that any improvements will help.

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Jeff Bollier is an award-winning public affairs reporter for the Oshkosh Northwestern who covers everything from city hall to business. As Streetwise, Jeff delivers updates on the comings and goings of Oshkosh's retail and business world. Jeff is an avid Instagram and Twitter user and a member of the Northwestern Bacon Team.
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