From kegs to computer repairs: Jordy’s to become computer store

Jordy’s Beverage Mart was a longtime fixture in the Oshkosh area. If you wanted a keg delivered to your door, the Jungwirths ran the last liquor store in Oshkosh and would happily do it.

But grocery stores absorbed liquor business and convenience stores became easy options for picking up a sixer after work, Jordy’s succumbed to the competition and closed up about two years ago. Anchor Bank foreclosed on the property and bought it at a sheriff’s sale for $56,000 on March 27, 2012.

Now, Jordy’s is on the verge of becoming Link Computing Solutions, 900 W. Ninth Ave.

The Oshkosh Plan Commission reviewed and approved a request from Ray Reinders for a conditional use permit to renovate and improve the building, built in 1905, to house Link Computing Solutions and its two or three employees.

Plan Commission documents indicate Reinders, a UWO grad with an IT degree and related certifications, plans to install new siding, new signage, a new dumpster and a new fence to improve the property. He hopes to serve residents and reach out to small and medium businesses to help them with any computer and networking needs.

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