Anderson Vision, Northshore Eye Care merging, moving

Two well-established optometry practices will meet each other in the middle in more ways than one this spring.

Anderson Vision Center, 461 N. Washburn St., and Northshore Eye Care, 1951 Bowen St., have announced plans to form a new entity, Insight Eye Care, that merges both practices together.


Team Northshore Eye Care

They’ve also acquired a new building that will split the distance difference between them. The new partners completed their purchase of the 6,600-square-foot former Morton Pharmacy at 251 N. Sawyer St. ¬†on Dec. 31 and Dr. John Anderson said renovations and interior modifications to the building should begin shortly.

Both Anderson and Northshore’s Dr. Ryan Ames said they expect work to be done and ready for the combined organization to move in by late April or early May.


Dr. John Anderson

There’s one other interesting element to this merger, though, too. Anderson told Streetwise he has more than 1,200 patients and that Northshore, an older and more-established practice, has even more than that. The combination of the two firms should make Insight one of the largest, independent optometry practices in Northeast Wisconsin, Anderson said. An impressive feat in-and-of itself.

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