Oshkosh Council: Incumbents, challengers circulating papers now

Bet you thought election season was mercifully behind us.

In reality, the local election season is just heating up as candidates for the Oshkosh Common Council could start to circulate nomination papers beginning Dec. 1. And there’s already been plenty of activity.

Mayor Burk Tower has taken out nominating papers and intends to seek a second term as mayor.

Council incumbents Deb Allison-Aasby and Tom Pech Jr. have also taken out nominating papers which indicates they intend to seek re-election. Councilor Bob Poeschl has not taken out nominating papers and Oshkosh City Clerk Pamela Ubrig said Poeschl will either have to take out nominating papers or file a notification of non-candidacy by Dec. 21.

The incumbents will face challengers, though. Two residents have taken out nominating papers already:

  • Ed Kastern, who lives in the 700 block of Lincoln Avenue. And
  • Don Binder, who lives in the 3100 block of Elk Ridge Drive.

All candidates have until Jan. 2 to turn in 200-400 resident signatures to earn a spot on the ballot. If three or more mayoral candidates and six or more council candidates file the proper paperwork, it would trigger a primary election in February.

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Jeff Bollier is an award-winning public affairs reporter for the Oshkosh Northwestern who covers everything from city hall to business. As Streetwise, Jeff delivers updates on the comings and goings of Oshkosh's retail and business world. Jeff is an avid Instagram and Twitter user and a member of the Northwestern Bacon Team.
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