Rep. Gordon Hintz co-authors political robocall legislation

State Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, is one of three state Assembly members introducing bipartisan legislation to add political robocalls to the Do Not Call list.

Hintz, along with Reps. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, and Lee Nerison, R-Westby, co-authored a bill that would add automatic political phone calls to Wisconsin’s Do Not Call List and the federal Do Not Call list.

“During last election cycle voters were saturated with robocalls, amounting to little more than harassment in their own homes. Many of my constituents were inundated with upwards of a dozen calls a day,” Hintz said in a statement. “In response to these complaints I made a pledge to push legislation that allows people to opt out. Our bipartisan bill demonstrates that getting rid of these intrusive calls is something that we can all agree on.”

The bill contains some exemptions, such as calls from school districts, people with a current business or personal relationship with the recipient, or a governmental unit alerting the recipient to a health or safety threat. It would mirror laws in states like Minnesota, Indiana and Nebraska, which prohibit all prerecorded phone messages to those on the Do Not Call List.

The legislation would also allow Wisconsin residents to remain on the Do Not Call List permanently, rather than having to renew a listing every two years.

Hintz, Jacque and Nerison are currently circulating the bill for co-sponsorship.

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