Oshkosh North Communities students create elections website

Students in Oshkosh North High School’s “Communities” class have launched a website to inform voters about political issues as part of the class’s elections unit.

The website, “Participation Nation,” is one facet of the students’ get-out-the-vote efforts. Students have also appeared on WOSH radio (1490 AM) and recorded GOTV ads that will air on WXMM radio (92.9 FM) in the days leading up to Nov. 6.

Participation Nation features information on foreign and domestic issues, as well as general election facts. Its aim is to provide nonpartisan, educational information.

You can check out what the Communities students put together here: http://www.participationnation.info/.

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Jessie Opoien joined the Oshkosh Northwestern as a reporter in December 2011. Politics and education issues are her specialties, but she loves to tell a good story regardless of the topic. You can find her on Twitter as @jessieopie.
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