West High principal Ann Schultz hired as superintendent in Mosinee

Oshkosh West High School principal Ann Schultz has been hired as the new superintendent of public schools in Mosinee.

The Mosinee school board approved Schultz’s contract on Friday.

Schultz’s parting from the Oshkosh school district follows an unusual step by the Oshkosh school board in January to exclude the long-standing principal from an otherwise routine vote to extend administrator contracts. District leaders refused to say why they took that step but insisted Schultz would remain employed by the district.

Oshkosh schools have struggled to hold onto its administrators for years now. Schultz will be the 16th principal to leave Oshkosh schools since the 2009-10 school year. Since then, nine central office administrators also resigned or retired.

The subsequent ripple of vacancies caused by filling positions internally has stretched even further. Only five of the district’s 21 separate schools have had the same principal for more than three years, and only two of the district’s top nine administrators have remained longer than three years, according to district staffing records.

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Adam Rodewald is the senior reporter for The Oshkosh Northwestern and a member of the Gannett Wisconsin Media Investigative Team. He has been a professional journalist since 2006. He specializes in open records, data analysis, and issues surrounding education, children and families.
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