School district to purchase iPads for paperless meetings

The Oshkosh school board, at its Jan. 9 meeting, gave district administrators the go-ahead to purchase iPads and move the board toward paperless meetings.

A proposal to issue iPads to board members was presented by Deputy Superintendent Dave Gundlach. Because a consensus of opinion was reached in favor of the proposal, no official board action is required beyond the discussion.

The intent of the proposal is to rid the need for paper and cut back on the cost of printing large packets of information for board members before each meeting.

Gundlach said during the meeting that the estimated financial impact is $380 per iPad, or $4 per board meeting over four years. However, Gundlach said, there would also be cost savings in reducing the need to print paper for board packets prior to the meetings.

The iPads would be purchased by the district, issued to board members and returned to the district upon completion of a member’s term.

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