Oshkosh school district buys contaminated land next to Oaklawn school

The Oshkosh school district has bought a small plot of land next to Oaklawn Elementary School that it previously declined due to soil contamination.

The district closed on the property at 205 W. Linwood Ave. Tuesday for a price of $55,000 and will assume all responsibility for the contamination, Buildings and Grounds Director Randy Johnston said.

The district had been prepared to pay $85,000 in September for the small plot of land in order to expand the site of a new Oaklawn school but canceled the deal at the last minute after discovering petroleum and heavy metal contamination in the ground there.

The district has since discovered similar contamination on Oaklawn’s existing property. Department of Natural Resources officials and environmental consultants said the contamination on both properties is not a threat, and the district can resolve the problems by capping off the soil.

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Adam Rodewald is the senior reporter for The Oshkosh Northwestern and a member of the Gannett Wisconsin Media Investigative Team. He has been a professional journalist since 2006. He specializes in open records, data analysis, and issues surrounding education, children and families.
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