Sturgeon documentary filmmakers take to web to raise funds to complete production

There’s no doubt that most people in northeast Wisconsin understand and know that sturgeon are a big deal. Every winter shanties dot the Lake Winnebago system for spearing season and every spring volunteers watch over the spawning fish to fend off poachers.

But, fewer, maybe don’t know the backstory of the fish — the group that fights for is survival and the cultural significance to the Menominee Indian Tribe. However a new documentary aims to correct that.

The filmmakers behind Sturgeon Moon have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise about $56,000 to finish production on the documentary and to handle the post production needs.

According to the page:

STURGEON MOON  It’s a story about an aging fisherman and his lifelong dedication to help save the sturgeon, a prehistoric fish on the brink of extinction. For the Menominee Indian Tribe preservation of their cultural traditions is tied to this sacred fish. It’s a tale of a fish, a fisherman and a Native American Tribe connected by the powerful instinct to survive.

This environmental love story explores the challenges of wildlife survival in the 21st Century. Based on the book PEOPLE OF THE STURGEON we have been given access to people and places that will help us tell this extraordinary tale.

The campaign is open for 96 more days and so far has raised just over $200. Indiegogo, like other online fundraising sites like Kickstarter, allows contributions as low as $5 and the organizers have ones that go as high as $5,000. Each contribution level also has special offers that grow the higher the gift.

For more on the project visit their indiegogo page, visit them on the web or on Facebook.

Here’s their campaign video that also speaks more on their documentary effort.

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