Wrapping up birthday season this week

Our September birthday season continues this week with birthdays for Grace and Gary.

With Ben’s birthday in early September, it ends up being one packed month of celebrations with friends and families, treats for school and the soccer teams, birthday dinners out, birthday dinners of their choice at home, presents, wrapping, baking and planning. Whew.

Gary ends up pulling the short straw every year, but he doesn’t mind the attention being on the kids.

And while I sometimes wish we could spread out the fun a bit, I have to admit it’s kind of nice having much of it in one month. (But even I get a bit tired of cake.)

There’s a lot of buildup to September and a whole lot of organizing to pull it off, but it’s kind of nice to get a breather once it has passed. Lucas’ birthday isn’t until June so it’s quite a bit of time off the immediate family birthday circuit.

But because there is always something to look forward to and prepare for … my next focus will turn to Halloween costumes and to Christmas.


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