Winter gear can’t take another snowstorm

Winter needs to come to an end for one reason: The snow gear is ripe.

Last night the kids played outside in the snow for a while before dinner. They came in absolutely soaked. Rather than tossing the snow pants, jackets and gloves in the dryer one more time, I decided I would put it out of its misery and actually wash it.

It looked good and smelled much better afterward. But I’m afraid there is absolutely no hope for the boots. They don’t seem to ever fully dry before getting drenched again, and the smell reflects it. One whiff is enough to make you gag.

You know it’s bad when the kids realize it, too. They fully understand that their snow gear has seen better days.

I’ve promised Lucas, whose snow pants might blow apart on an especially windy day because of all the tears and holes in them, that as soon as we get an all clear from Mother Nature (I’m thinking right around Easter), we will take all of his snow stuff — the snow pants, boots and even his well-worn gloves — and toss it in the garbage.

And we will start fresh next year.

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