Whoopee! Toy makes major impression

Now that all the presents have been unwrapped and the kids are enjoying their new toys, gadgets and other gifts, it’s always fun to stand back a bit and see what really sticks.

As much as you think you know what’s going to be the biggest hit of Christmas, there are always a few surprises. Lucas received a fleece Angry Birds pillow and workbook from his aunt, and it ranks right up there as the favorite of the season. The best part is it wasn’t on any gift list. She just thought he’d like it, and he does. It’s the same for Grace. She received a full-size Bieber cutout for her room from her aunt and uncle, and that’s the present she talks about the most.

As part of their gifts, Benjamin and Lucas both received a $50 gift card to Badger Sports Park for an afternoon of fun with a friend. We took advantage of a fundraiser by Haven of Hope Day Care in Little Chute, paying only $25 each for the cards.

They were burning a hole in the boys’ pockets so they went over Christmas break and had a lot of fun. As always, they returned home with a pile of trinkets, candy and other plastic junk.

One of the things Lucas was most excited about was the whoopee cushion he used his tickets to get. Actually, I think he got two whoopee cushions. They have been the hit of the holidays.

He’s been carrying them around with him ever since. I know I’ve sat on them a couple of times. Lucas unknowingly even brought them with us to a restaurant over the weekend.

But the best part is when I went to bed last night and found it under my pillow!

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