Valentines: Feel the love

The Valentines are in order, and this year’s marks a new change.

As a fifth-grader, Benjamin no longer is exchanging Valentines with the classroom, and he’s OK with it. What a difference a year makes. Last year he had no problem with it, and this year he was relieved he wouldn’t have to do that again.

I guess when you are a pre-teen, distributing Valentines with classmates must feel too childish. Plus at this age the boy-girl thing becomes a bigger deal.

It’s definitely not too childish for Grace and Lucas. They got into their Valentines this year more than ever and both decided to do something homemade.

Lucas selected pink and red pieces of construction paper and wrote a message in pencil on each one, taping a heart-shaped sucker to each.

For the boys he wrote, “Roses are red. Violets are blue. You are my friend. And I like you.”

He spent a good hour on Sunday doing them all and had cramps in his hand afterward. But, boy, he was so proud of his work. They definitely aren’t fancy, but they are loaded with sentiment and more meaningful than the store-bought ones.

Grace did something different, too. We bought pink and red plastic cups and printed the lyrics for “You’re Gonna Miss Me” (the Cups song I blogged about last week) to stick inside each one. She wrote a Valentine’s message on the back of each one and colored all of them in a shade of red, pink or purple.

She was so excited about the project that it was the first thing she did both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Now everything is in order and ready for Thursday. They can’t wait!

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