Up in the ‘Clouds’

Ben came home yesterday wanting to talk about a video he saw at school.

It was the follow-up to a CNN Student News report they had seen months before on Zach Sobiech of Minnesota.

At age 17, Zach was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and was given months to live and turned to music to say goodbye to everyone and to get his feelings across. He wrote and recorded “Clouds,” which has become not only an international, inspirational hit but also a way for his family and friends to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

Zach died Monday. He was 18.

Ben said yesterday’s video was hard to watch and that he wanted me to watch it, too, to see Zach and his family and how he lived. It clearly made an impact on him because he wanted to talk about Zach again this morning and we talked about why Zach’s story is special. Unfortunately, many people, including young people, get cancer, but he had a special story and a strong message to share.

Here’s the Star Tribune’s story on Zach’s death:


And here’s the link to a video on Zach and “My Last Day.” Four million people already have watched it, a testament to one boy’s powerful story.


“You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.”

That’s his lasting message. And words to live by.

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