TV in basement changes everything

After much debate and months of procrastination, we finally bought a bigger-size television for our basement and in the process made the kids oh-so happy.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been talking to the kids about how they can help earn a TV for our basement, which hasn’t had anything electronic up until now. By doing their normal morning chores like making their beds, showering, brushing their teeth and cleaning up their dishes after breakfast without many reminders and few complaints, they could earn a TV.

Getting a television for our basement gets us one step closer to creating a kid cave down there. It’s something we’ve talked about for a long time but wanted to give the kids time to work for it and for us to make a decision on how we want to lay out the finished portion of our basement.

With a couch and two chairs along with a cabinet of games and puzzles, toys, our desk with the laptop and a game table, we weren’t sure how we wanted to approach the room. While I want it to look good and be useable, I don’t want to spend too much money on a room adults likely won’t hang out in. Rather, it’s going to be a room for the kids to play basketball and soccer during the winter and a place for them to hang out with friends by watching movies or playing the Wii.

After Gary got the TV hung on the wall (love that look, by the way), we all took a look around the room and determined that the kids were ready to say goodbye to some of their larger toys that have filled the room since they were little: a kitchen playset, a Home Depot work bench and an extra game table. They cleaned up their items and are working on selling them to earn money for savings.

It has cleared the way for a new look to the room and reflects the kids’ new stage of childhood.

I’m considering buying a table and chair set for playing board games and puzzles and thinking that bean bags or rocker gaming chairs might be a good Christmas gift idea.

I’m excited for the fun it will bring.

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