Thinking outside the box with gift ideas

I’m a big believer that the best Christmas gifts aren’t always presents but rather presence.

There’s nothing better, in my mind, than time spent together. I’m all about creating memories rather than buying another unforgettable toy. Plus there’s nothing to store or clean up after!

Last year Grace and I went to see “Mary Poppins” at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center (thanks to Santa), and she still talks about our girls’ night out, complete with dinner at a Chinese restaurant (her choice) and dressing up.

Gary and Benjamin took in a UW hockey game and are hoping to go again this year, but also with Lucas this time around.

A friend suggested  a “trip” to a local ski hill for a day or two away as another gift idea. I’m thinking ice skates or snowshoe rentals would be more our speed right now, but I like those kind of time-together ideas.

Tickets to see the Gamblers, movie theater gift cards, a scrapbooking day, summer sports camps are all ideas I’m considering.

Feel free to share your “presence” ideas with me, and I can pass along them to others in a follow-up blog. If you don’t like posting online, email me at

I’d love to hear about your creative suggestions.

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