Taking a spin with sports classics

When the family is sitting down to watch a movie together, we all can agree on one thing.

Everyone likes sports movies.

Friday night we were all in the mood for a movie and after some debate, we settled on “A League of Their Own.” When in doubt, we have turned to sports classics when we can’t settle on something we all want to watch. “The Sandlot” is an all-time favorite.

I forgot how much I loved “A League of Their Own” when it came out in 1992. It’s funny, the actors (especially Tom Hanks, Rosie O’Donnell and Geena Davis) are at their best, the storyline is educational, and the music takes me back. (“This Used to be My Playground” and “Now and Forever” are my faves.)

The kids laughed at all of the funny lines. The best part is they appreciated Tom Hanks’ line of “There’s no crying in baseball” just as much as we adults did. The kids even gave it their own spin throughout the rest of the weekend, too.

They especially liked the end, where the characters have aged and are looking back at their time in the history-making professional women’s baseball league.

The movie went over so well that now we can stay on track with our sports classics. “Remember the Titans” is up next.

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