Sports tryouts an anxious time for kids and parents

I’m breathing a big sigh of relief now that soccer tryouts are over, and offers have been made.

It’s surprising how emotional and anxious this annual task can be and how deeply invested you become in an activity involving your child. But when your child wants something so badly, you want the same for your child.

Every year in June kids who want to be on a classic team have to try out, no matter if they are on the team or not. Everyone gets a chance to be on the team. It’s about a two-week process, and it feels so good when it is done.

As part of the process, some kids move off the team, and some new kids are moved in.

The hard part is saying goodbye to the families and athletes you have gotten to know throughout the year or years. The kids become attached to their teammates, and it is difficult to go separate ways. The same is so true for the parents. They become your friends, the people you enjoy sitting by at games or practices. They share the same interests as you and can relate to all the running around we do for our kids.

Change isn’t always easy, but I know it’s part of playing the game.

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