Smells like Christmas with homemade vanilla

WEDNESDAY: Homemade vanilla

This year for Christmas my cousin gave me homemade vanilla extract in a beautifully decorated amber bottle that she said was surprisingly easy to make. The key is to plan ahead since it takes a few months to brew, so to speak.

I’m thinking of doing the same this winter and making a batch to give as hostess-type gifts or to put in as part of a themed gift. I found the recipe and the bottles I want to buy on

My homemade vanilla is nearly gone and was so delicious so I might need to do a trial batch just to be sure!


Homemade Vanilla Extract


Jar or bottle

Vanilla beans (any variety, but about five beans per 1 cup of alcohol)

Vodka (but you also can use bourbon, rum or brandy)


1. Use a knife to split the bean in half, leaving about ¬Ĺ inch at each end intact.

2. Put your vanilla beans in your glass bottle or jar and cover with vodka.

3. Close jar or bottle and store in a cool, dry place for at least 8 weeks. Give the bottle a shake every week or so.

4. You can either pour contents (removing beans) into a different glass jar, or you can use the extract with the beans and just add more alcohol to replace what you have used.

THURSDAY: Orange you sweet

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