Sleep doesn’t come as easily

I had just gotten up the other morning and heard Lucas talking to himself in bed so I went into the boys’ room to say good morning, bending down to give him a kiss.

“You’ve got bags under your eyes,” Lucas said.

And good morning to you, too!

I’m sure I did. Thanks to an out-of-town weekend soccer tournament and a normal work schedule, I hadn’t been able to sleep in for a while. Plus it’s rare that I get a full night’s sleep any way.

Sleeping through the night for me has gone the way of cassette tapes.

When our kids were babies and toddlers, I had assumed that once they were sleeping through the night regularly, we adults would get back to our normal full night sleep, too. But somehow it hasn’t worked out that way.  

I’m not sure why. Maybe I just don’t sleep as soundly or maybe I have more on my mind that keeps me up. Either way, I don’t often feel fully rested.

They have their sleep schedules on track. I just need to work on mine!

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