Sibling gets partner in push for a pup

The push for a dog is picking up speed once again.

This time, it’s Lucas coming on strong.

For a good year or so Grace had been the one constantly asking if we could get a dog. My parents’ longtime pooch had died and some friends had gotten pets for their families. And Grace wanted one, too, because “it just wasn’t fair.” After a stay in the hospital over the summer she repeatedly said a dog would be the thing that would make it all better.

It was so hard to keep telling her no, that we aren’t home enough or that we’ll continue to think about it. She hasn’t given up, but her requests are much more irregular, probably due to how frequently we were putting off her pleas.

Now, Lucas seems to be picking up right where Grace left off. And he knows how to play the sentimental card to his advantage, too.

On a recent night I was tucking him in along with his handful of stuffed dogs into bed. He was making sure each one was where he or she was supposed to be for the night and covered with a blanket. He kissed each one good night.

I commented that he takes really good care of his doggies.

“I just want to show you I can be responsible for a real one,” Lucas said.

To the heart.


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