Making the pitch for better role models

Sometimes adults are just not good role models.

It makes it hard to tell kids to do the right thing, when adults so obviously aren’t. It emphasizes the “do as I say, not as I do” mantra more than you’d like.

Benjamin was with a buddy in his car Saturday morning and as his mom was driving, they noticed a car crossing the center line and driving a bit erratically. Sure enough, they quickly figured out why. The driver appeared to be looking down at his phone. I don’t know if he was texting or dialing or reading a message, but he was distracted.

I was happy that Ben told me about it and realized that the driver was doing the wrong thing. He already has strong feelings about people who drink and drive or text and drive, and I want that to continue, especially as he becomes a driver.

In a couple of years I’m sure the kids won’t be as open to these anti-whatever messages as they are right now in their youth. Soon, peers and the¬†wisdom that comes along with being a teen will take over.

And that’s why you hope that adults would see that, too. They play a large role in what kids see and what they do. And you’d like them to see more of the good.

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