Ready to greet the holiday season

It’s not even Thanksgiving and already I’m feeling like I want to decorate the house and get ready for Christmas.

We bought a 7-foot artificial tree recently so we can have a tree in the room we spend most of our time: the family room. Copying an idea from the creative women in the finance department here, I’m going to decorate it solely with snowflake ornaments. The tree has white lights and a simple burlap tree skirt with a flowing raffia bow on top. It will be gorgeous, and I’m anxious to get started on it.

It makes me eager to get a real one, too, and have a family day cutting down the tree complete with hot cocoa and candy canes. It’s a day that would make Norman Rockwell proud.

But because it’s only early November and Thanksgiving is stillĀ  more than a week away, I need to cool it. (Although I am getting a bit of a fix by doing some shopping and heading to Kohler this weekend for the holiday market.) So instead, I’m biding my time by making lists.

I’ve got the list of the gifts I’ve purchased and the ones I want to. I have the list of Christmas cookies (more on that in the coming weeks) I want to tackle this year with the help of my reliable assistant Grace, and the list of holiday gatherings and plans. I need to get started on my Christmas card list next.

I love the Christmas season and always want to make the most of it and extend it as long as possible.

I’ll be savoring it soon enough. But first there’s cranberry bread and apple pie to be made.


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