Putting holiday shows on the calendar

It’s such a busy time of year, but no matter what it’s fun to take in some of the holiday shows to put you in the spirit.

My parents took us to see “A Christmas Carol” in Milwaukee every December. We’d get all dressed up and head to a nice restaurant before attending the show. It’s a tradition I fondly remember today and hope to start next year with my own family, now that I think they can handle the ghosts that can be scary at times and the theme.

This year I took Grace to see “The Nutcracker” at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. It’s worth going to see on its own, but a friend’s daughter (also one of our baby sitters) was performing in the ballet through Makaroff, and we wanted to be sure to see her in the spotlight.

I was worried that Grace might get bored during the ballet because there isn’t any talking and the storyline can be difficult to follow.

Thankfully, she is familiar with “The Nutcracker” thanks to her music teacher, and we were sitting really close to the stage so the show had her full attention. (Except for about an hour in when she asked, “When is halftime?”)

She loved it from beginning to end and already is asking about going back. She even has Lucas asking if he can join us next time.

Sounds like the start of a new tradition.

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