Pulling for Archiver’s success

It must be really hard for scrapbook stores to make a go of it.

Sure, the places that sell scrapbook items in addition to other crafts seem to do OK, like Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but relying on paper and embellishments in this digital world seems increasingly harder to do.

I got an email Tuesday from my favorite scrapbook store, Archiver’s, that it had filed for Chapter 11 and is reorganizing. The company is trying to adapt to the changing needs of its customers when digital scrapbooking has become a much bigger competitor. Like with many other businesses, the last couple years haven’t been kind on profits.

Selfishly, I hope they find their way. It’s a place I go to not only stock up on my supplies, but a place I go for a night out with friends to work on our pages and catch up. I’d miss it if it’s gone.

Over the past couple of years, my favorite scrapbooking magazine (Scrapbooks etc) stopped printing and two other local scrapbook stores shut their doors.

Digital scrapbooking would be cheaper, more efficient and take up less space at home. But it also wouldn’t be nearly as social or as hands-on and shared among friends.

I’m all for doing my part to preserve Archiver’s and my scrapbook hobby. I’m willing to do my part and shop more!

After all, it’s all about keeping memories alive.


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