Plugging our faves for Oscars

The kids got their first taste of the Oscars last night.

I agreed to let them watch a little bit of it if they got their weekend reading done and were ready for bed earlier than normal, showers out of the way. They were a motivated group because they were ready at go time.

They only got to see a bit of the beginning, which is unfortunate because the jokes are way over their heads and the best awards are saved for the end of the very long program. Grace got to see “Brave” win for animated film, and she was happy with that.

They aren’t familiar with most of the stars and they haven’t heard of many of the movies so it was a bit boring to them. At one point Grace said, “Is this all it is?”

The kids knew about “Argo” only because Gary and I tried to rent it this weekend without success. Other than that, “Lincoln” was a familiar title, but “Les Miserables,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Life of Pi” and many others were new to them.

But just because they aren’t familiar with the Oscars and how it all works, doesn’t mean they don’t have strong opinions.

Earlier in the day Benjamin was telling me how he was really hoping one of his favorite movies would be nominated: “Here Comes the Boom.”

While the critically acclaimed family movie wasn’t up for anything, it was a winner in our house. 

And that vomit scene was pretty funny.

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