Packing a full house in the bathroom

We have a bathroom situation.

With two full bathrooms on our second floor, we have enough space for everyone in the morning to get ready and spread out. Or so you would think.

But rather than using our other bathroom that is right outside Grace’s bedroom, the kids like to come in by us in the master one. Sure, they will brush their teeth and go to the bathroom in the other one, but when it comes to showering and getting ready, they prefer to be by us.

Now that it’s getting cold outside and the bathroom gets all steamed up with so many showers, it’s become that much more noticeable.

After months and months of having to tell Benjamin every morning that he needs to take a daily shower, complete with deodorant, he’s finally on track and doesn’t need the reminders any more. But now Grace is wanting to get in on it, too, and thinks she should be taking morning showers as well. While it had become necessary for Ben, she isn’t quite there yet.

It all just makes for one big family party in the bathroom every morning.

While part of me wants to lay down the law and say that the kids need to use their bathroom from now on and that Mom and Dad’s is off limits, another part of me wants to appreciate this for what it is now. Years from now when they are teens, they likely will be as far away from me and Gary in the morning as possible.

I’m thinking I should enjoy the showers (pun intended) of attention and commotion while I can. It will be quiet and roomy soon enough.



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