Out with the old and in with the new

Gary is not one to rush into a buying decision. He prefers to think about it for a while, look through Consumer Reports and then think about it for a while again.

But Sunday morning after not getting a good night’s sleep and his back hurting, he decided we were going to get a new mattress that day. And we were going to take it home with us immediately, not pick out one that would need to be shipped.

We have had the same queen mattress since we got married in 1998, and for the past year or so we have complained about how the mattress had seen better days and needed to be replaced.

But … it ended up something we talked about regularly but never did anything about. Other purchases seemed to take priority over the mattress.

Until Sunday. We decided we wanted to get the same brand mattress we’ve had and been happy with (until recently, that is), which made our shopping much easier. Gary looked through the newspaper ads and found the three places that sold our Serta mattress. We were at the second stop when we found the mattress we liked, and it also happened to be in stock.

Gary strapped the mattress to the top of the van and immediately hauled it upstairs when we got home. He and BenĀ carried the old one out to the garage, and that was it.

And he hasn’t complained about his back since.


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