Out with the old and in with the new (snowpants)

As I blogged about yesterday, I’m glowing in the satisfaction of having gone through the kids’ clothing by having them try on everything they own for spring and summer as a way to clean out their closets and to figure out what we need to shop for.

During the process, I took out all of the coats at the way back of the boys’ closet and found that Lucas does indeed have a┬ácasual spring coat as well as a dressy one. I also discovered something that made his day: a new pair of snowpants.

I must have bought these snowpants on clearance a year or two ago and forgot about them. They were size 6-7, which is what Lucas is wearing now, but they will be way to small for him come November.

So … I put him out of his misery and tossed the old snowpants that were shredded on the bottom and torn on the side — fixed by many safety pins — and handed over the new ones.

Although he’ll only get a few weeks of use out of them (at least I hope), the new snowpants have been a hit. He hasn’t complained about having to put them on one bit, he isn’t tripping over them any more and I’m at least getting some usage out of snowpants I didn’t even know I had!

I only wish I would have looked earlier.

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