One good deed deserves another

I’m excited already to get home today and talk to Grace.

I surprised her with something in her backpack, and I can’t wait to see her reaction.

Several times in the past few weeks I’ve gotten to work, opened up my lunch tote and found a piece of Halloween candy along with a note from her wishing me a good day at work. She always signs it: Love, Grace.

It is such a sweet and kind act that makes my day every time. Thoughtful surprises are just the best, and I’ve made sure to tell her how much I appreciate them.

I decided that one good turn deserves another. So I bought her $5 glove/mittens she has been wanting and put on her Christmas list. They are the kind that have the fingers exposed when you button back the mitten part. The ones I got her are bright colors with a peace sign on them.

I put them in a bag in her backpack along with a note wishing her a great day at school.

She is going to love them and be so surprised. And I can’t wait for her to feel how good random acts of kindness are and how¬†they spread.

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