New Christmas gift ideas are spilling out

Just as soon as everything is a wrap — literally, wrapped — comes along another gift idea and then another and then another.

I’ve been done shopping and done wrapping for more than a week and the kids have been coming up with new Christmas ideas left and right. Normally, I’d just dismiss them, thinking to myself that it was way too late for new wishes, but this year they are coming up with good ones. To top it off, they are items they could truly use.

Grace recently thought of indoor soccer shoes plus shin guards. She’d also like some long socks since many of her ankle ones are wearing thin. And not surprisingly, Benjamin, with his navy athletic pants with the small hole in the crotch, wants replacements plus new basketball socks.

I only wish they would have thought of the ideas sooner. I could have used them myself or passed them on to others. 

So when Lucas, who has his half birthday next week and comes up with a new Christmas wish nearly every day, asked me if he should start working on his birthday wish list, I told him that it’s never too early to start but that he might want to wait and see what’s under the Christmas tree.


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