Never too early to think about Christmas

It’s not even October and already I’m having conversations in my head about Christmas. They mainly involve¬†two themes: Get on top of the gift-giving early and watch spending.

I really do love all of the shopping that comes with Christmas, but it’s finding the time that’s the problem. And, of course, there’s no bottomless pool of money to draw from either.

I’m already thinking about how we can encourage exchanging names rather than buying for all within my family, plus I want to suggest that at our holiday gathering with relatives and draw names then for the following Christmas. That way we can buy for three cousins rather than six.

And, most important, I’ve started to make lists to help me with making wise buying decisions and to stay on task. I have some homemade gift ideas, too, thanks to Pinterest and writing down homemade presents I’ve gotten over the years that I love and want to repeat.

Top of my shopping list for Grace is going to be a Rainbow Loom for making those rubber bracelets you see girls wearing. At $15, it won’t cost much, but it will keep her busy and bedazzled!

I know Lucas and Ben could use a iPod docking station/speaker for their room to play music, and sports gear is always useful.

It’s fun to start thinking and planning. Christmas will be here before we know it!

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