Never thought I’d say this, but bring on the yard work

Maybe it’s the long winter or just my personality, but the warm weather coming this weekend makes me want to get busy in the yard.

I’m so ready to get rid of any remnants of winter by picking up the scattered little branches and twigs all over the yard. We need to assess our grass after last year’s dry summer. And I’ve never been so excited with the possibility of mulching.

With Lucas’ first Communion and a couple of sports practices on the calendar and not much else, we’re going to get outside and rake (along with our three helpers) and clean up any leaves that blew our way and under our bushes during the long winter. I’m hoping there will be time to haul out everything from the garage, spray it down and then return everything to its rightful place.

It will be a good time to trim any low-lying bare branches, too, before they are embellished with leaves.

And while we won’t get to the mulch quite yet or the traditional Memorial Day weekend flower planting, I’m counting down the weeks until we can.

Bring on the yard work!


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