Message of love on Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day weekend started early, with a homemade surprise that greeted me at the front door when I came home from work on Friday.


Grace had gathered a bunch of greenery dropped during recent rainfalls along with a daffodil and put together a sweet message of “Mom” that adorns our driveway. Even during Saturday’s high winds, it managed to stay together.

It’s the perfect gift. After all, while you hope for kids to behave perfectly, get along like angels with one anotherĀ and not fight or argue, that isn’t realistic or achievable — at least in my experience.

But there is one thing I can count on, and that’s being touched by the kids’ heartfelt show of love with their homemade gifts. They never fail to bring a tear to my eye, making me feel appreciated and loved. They are keepsakes to hold onto.

While Benjamin seems to be outgrowing them to a certain extent, he takes a more active role in helping Gary — and contributing with his own money — to a pampering gift they know I’ll appreciate.

But Grace and Lucas each had special gifts for me that they made in school plus some others they did together at home, including coupons good for free snuggle time, a back rub (with or without the back scratcher!) and my choice for board game night.

I’m cashing in on the free hug tonight!


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