‘Married a man’

I have blogged about how things are falling apart a bit in our house. Our van recently needed work, we are getting a new garage today a few weeks after it broke, and the boys’ bicycles need replacing. Neither one is usable any more.

Now … Gary went to mow our lawn last night after Grace’s soccer game, and the mower we have had since we bought our first house in 1997 no longer will start. It’s been a long time coming, and Gary had figured last year was going to be its last. He was right.

Knowing that tonight is going to be the last time Gary will have the chance to mow our already long grass for a few days, he decided at 8:20 last night to make a trip to Sears. He had looked through Consumer Reports and knew what mower he wanted to buy. It would just take him a few minutes to pick out the one he wanted before bringing it home and setting it up so that it would be ready to go tonight after Lucas’ baseball game.

With Gary gone as the kids were going to bed last night, I was walking up the stairs with Grace and she was talking about how she felt bad for him because he had really wanted to mow the lawn but had to run to the store so late at night. Plus, he wouldn’t be done once he got home with it.

I told her that he definitely works hard and has been very busy with unexpected chores.

“You married a man, Mom,” Grace said. “You married a man.”

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