Making another list and changing it once again

I just said how the kids keep coming up with new ideas for their Christmas lists, and Lucas has done it again.

He came home from school with a printout on how kids can go online and “talk” to Santa. Through this website he writes a letter to Santa with three items he is hoping to receive for Christmas. Immediately, Santa returns with a personalized letter for him, complete with his name, his wish list and just more conversation.

Lucas has done this several times this week, and each time he comes up with new gift suggestions. He has a RG3 jersey and a Randall Cobb one as well. He wanted Beyblades (the one constant this season), chocolate (who doesn’t??) and a stuffed animal that looks like Dusty, my parents’ pooch that died earlier this year.

It’s the stuffed animal that really tugged at me.

A year or so ago, Lucas decided he was too old to be hanging on to his Elmo stuffed animals any longer and traded those in for a stuffed dog that he carries around the house with him nonstop.

He’s so affectionate to “Butterscotch,” always kissing him and telling him how he loves him that now I’m torn about getting another one.

We just spent some time at my parents’ house on Sunday for a Christmas party with the relatives, and he has talked about how much he misses Dusty on and off since then.

Maybe a stuffed animal would be just the thing.

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