Making a list and checking it twice …

Lucas’ Christmas wish list is a work in progress. With every new catalog that arrives in the mail or in the newspaper comes a new piece of paper.

He’s gone through the ones for Fleet Farm, Toys R Us and Target. The Walmart one came on Sunday, and he’s busy scribbling down his favorites. He has his notepad, pencil and magazine spread out on the dining room table and will resume his work on it, I’m sure, later tonight.

There is a process to the whole thing, too. Once he has his first draft written, he sits down and carefully — with a sharpened pencil and eraser — and rewrites the list out so “Santa can read it.” When it comes to presents, after all, you don’t want there to be any uncertainty.

And he writes every entry neatly and with an exclamation mark:


iPad or iPod!


I’m particularly eating it all up this year especially because Benjamin suddenly has outgrown his interest in writing a wish list for Santa (which only convinces me even more that he has stopped believing and just doesn’t want to admit to it). And Grace is finding everything she wants at either American Girl or Justice.

So … when he was at the table over the weekend wearing his red fuzzy pajamas and writing his list, I started taking photos of him. I managed to get two nice ones before he noticed that I was taking pictures of him in his pjs and put a stop to it.

But I got ‘em.


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