Looking for that first job

Motivated by a friend and the lure of money, Ben decided he wanted to take over the lawn-cutting duties for Gary.

A week or so ago, he proposed mowing the lawn for $10 a pop as a way to earn extra money around the house.

It was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

The first one was a bit rough, with the lawn having a few long random blades here or there, but it looked very good overall. Ben also experienced firsthand how much work it can be. It was an extremely humid day and he was soaking by the time he was done.

But it was worth it. Ben was happy with his hard-earned cash and plans to keep going this summer and fall.

Next year’s plans are already in the works. He wants to expand his services to the neighborhood and see if he can pick up regular lawn-mowing jobs, or at least occasional ones when neighbors are gone on vacation.

I’m happy that he is taking the initiative, and Gary is happy to have that time to do something else.


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