Loading up on snuggle time

I got some major snuggle time this weekend, and I ate it up.

With Benjamin having a sleepover and Grace gone for one the next night, I had a lot of time in the evening with Lucas. And he wanted to spend it lying by me in my big bed, which was a welcome invitation. Those few minutes of talk time make for great conversation and insight into his thoughts before he drips off to la-la land.

It used to be that the kids would wake up on a weekend morning and come crawling into bed by us. We often would end up with four or five of us in our queen-size bed. I loved the closeness of it all.

Now, when the kids wake up, they go downstairs to turn on the TV or play. Gone are the days when they came to see us first. It has its advantages (extra sleep for us), but I miss the few minutes of cuddle time before starting the day. It truly was the best part of waking up.

So now, when we get the chance I take it, even when it means going to bed a little earlier than I might have intended. Usually they fall asleep first and I can read for a while next to them.

And … it’s something that is catchy. Now Benjamin is asking if he can rest by me next time.


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