Let the (March) madness begin

This never-ending winter has had me feeling grumpy, but today I’ve got a new spring in my step.

Welcome to March Madness!

Like much of the country, I don’t follow college basketball except for the Badgers until the NCAA Tournament heats up, and then I’m ready with a sharp pencil to fill out my bracket. It makes watching all of this ball interesting and seems to be the thing to fill my head until the warm weather arrives.

We decided as a family to each do a bracket. There’s nothing like some competition in the house to feel the love.

Now we are just working on what exactly we are playing for besides bragging rights. Lucas came up with the idea of having a list of five things the winner could choose from: picking a restaurant to eat at, getting a free pass from doing chores for the week, an extra $10 in the bank, going out for ice cream and a fifth idea TBD.

No matter what, it will definitely be worth playing for. I feel like a winner already!

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