Learning to let go little by little

Ben had his first taste of real freedom over the weekend.

After his soccer game on Saturday one of his teammates invited the boys to join him at the skating rink. It just would be the boys –┬áthe parents only would be needed to drop off and pick up, not sit around and watch them. (Although there would be an older sibling present.) Apparently there is a line of cars at the rink dropping off and picking up. It’s a common thing to do when you are a tween.

I knew this day would be coming soon, but I wasn’t exactly prepared to make an on-site decision about it. But the other parents reassured me that they had let their boys do it before, and it worked out just fine. Plus some of the boys have cellphones so the group of friends could be reached.

I just had never done anything like that before with him. Being dropped off at a sports practice is different than being dropped off at a public place with no adult supervision other than the employees.

Ben was there for nearly three hours, met some other kids and had the best time. He already told me he can’t wait to do it again.

I survived, too. And the next time will be easier.

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